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Classes and camps

Regular classes with experienced animators and summer camps which you won't forget.

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So do we and thats why we prepare animation workshops tailored to school groups.

Teambuilding, accompanying program, birthday parties and other special workshops.


Animation art techniques

Object Animation
Well-known animation technique thanks to Jan Švankmajers'movies. Lets' create stories from stuff around us - magic crayons drawing by itself or fighting slippers.
AfterEffects Animation
Lectures of digital cut out in Adobe software. Intensive workshops are suitable for high schools and adults, who want to move they puppets by keyframes.
Drawing animation workshop for talented illustrators, who want to make their characters move. We work on portable lightboxes what allows us to see the previous and following animation phase.
To animate on lightbox we dont' need puppets - it is enough to have sand, plastic bag or glass beads. Unconventional film technique with poetic results is suitable for narrative stories as well as experimental movies.
Advanced method of shooting, combining feature and animated footage. Allows you to meet unicorns.
We capture children actors as a video which is later composed with puppet animation. Basic process of modern film trick.
Kinoptical Toys
Did animation exist before camera invention? Yes!
Make easy kinoptical objects generating moving picture: flipbook, kinegram or praxinoskop are ideal for experienced cartoonists as well as enthusiastic pioneers.
A classic animation technique under camera, performing paper puppets rigged by stick-on joints. For creating moving landscape, we use special table called multiplan.
Material loved by all kids. The characters of the stories are clay puppets captured in 3D scene. This workshop is an introduction into more advanced world of joint puppet animation.
Painting under camera
The big-screen colour animation proves that animation is not only for patient cartoonist. Painting by acryl colour is shot frame by frame and the result is a psychedelic show for both adults and kids.
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