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What we enjoy most is the collective animation where we can meet personally. But sometimes it is not possible, and we deal with distance lectures. These can be diversification of your school online art class or a group family activity. We are experienced in kids' online classes, where we use the most simplest equipment and free software, and also with advanced courses of digital animation.

The lectures of technical animation were created for specific use of Czech Technical University.


Online stop-motion class for kids and adults

Regular class includes lectures: 

- history of animation

- kinoptical toys

- explanation of 12 principles of animation

- illusion of movement

- what is film

- basic groups of animation

- dynamic movement in animation

- home x profi animation studio

- apps/programs for stopmotion

- postproduction of films

- export

- presentation production 

- licensing

- sound and music in film

+ specific animation tasks

Length of the program: 60 minutes

Capacity: max. 8 kids

Price: 750 Kč (60 min. lecture of regular class)



Online stop-motion one-off lecture for kids and adults

One-off lecture includes:

- home x profi animation studio

- apps/programs for stopmotion

- explanation of 6 principles of animation

- group practical test of animation by own topics 

Length of the program: min. 45 minutes

Capacity: max 24 kids

Price: 1500 Kč (disposal fee for 45 min.- 60 min. online lecture, preparation with teacher is included in price

Online workshop stopmotion and digital animation

Lecture of advanced animation techniques with step into a digital production in Adobe AfterEffects software.

The class can become a part of high school or university education in multimedia, or to perform as a focus in a particular branch of science.

The lecture includes:

- explanation of basic principle of animation

- example of stopmotion animation in practice

- difference between stopmotion / keyframe animation

- technical introduction into digital animation

- practical lecture in AfterEffects

Length of the program: min. 2x60 minutes

Capacity: max 7 participants online, non limited in case of "offline presentation"

Price: 1000 Kč hour / lecturer

Own computer and photo equipment

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