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MgA. Zuzana Bukovinská

Executive manager of the ULTRAFUN association,

educational assistant in UMPRUM studio of Film and TV graphics.

MgA. Eliška Vojtková

MgA. Eliška Vojtková is video and motion graphic designer, graduated on UMPRUM studio

of TV and Film graphics.

She is teaching stopmotion animation and digital motion graphic in AfterEffects.

MgA. Pavla Šnajdarová

Pavla is taking care of illustration, printed graphics and animation

in kinoptical machines

made by OP&K collective.

She has long-term project

of Animated Stories, collecting stories from the world to use them for visual education.


MgA. Anička Mastníková

I am an illustrator and animator, focusing on classic hand-drawn and puppet animation.

I spent time fabricating 

animation toys, broochs

and other inventions.

BcA. Tereza Tydlitátová

I enjoy working in illustration, motion graphics and animation.

I love to work with children, going on the inner journeys

to fantasy worlds and animation, where everything is possible. Being a guide to help finding

a suitable way and technique

to bring stories and pictures out,

on the paper or movie screen.


MgA. Tereza Vostradovská

Tereza Vostradovská is an Ultrafun-girl by body and soul. She is making illustrations

for kids, animation, interactive games and audiovisual projects. 


MgA. Magdalena Kvasničková

I started to do animation, because I thought it is the right job for a good and careful girl.

I found out, I am not good and careful and that animation is not about it at all.

What is it about, I am discovering right now and I will until the end of my life!


MgA. Lou Sanitráková

Lou is taking care of kids

and their stories. She likes the best to discover with them a new animation tricks, film sounds

and prepare gala-premieres. Meanwhile, she is producing

an exhibition about animation, be-cause there is never

enough of it!

MgA. Alexandra Griz Antkowiak

She is an illustrator making

an original artworks, as well

as books. She likes to make up stories and bring them alive

to moving pictureThe likable children logic is held by her in the film projects.

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